The Pen Llyn Ultra 100 Mile Race

New 100 MILE Course for 2024



36 hours cut off. 2 Sleep Zones. More Aid Stations which means that crews are no longer required.

New Pairs Option

As well as solo competitors we are introducing a ‘Pairs’ option.  This brings the spirit of endurance to life and the adventure shared, so as well as training with someone you can now take on the event with them and share the experiences together.

The idea of ‘Pairs’ stems  from when I was a support crew for a team at the Welsh 3 Peaks sailing and running race some 25 years ago and seeing the pair of competitors supporting each other on when things got tough and shared celebrations.

As a ‘Pairs’ launch we have reduced the ‘Pairs’ option entry fee by £50 when 2 sign up and do the event together.

The 100 mile Race starts at 10:00am on Friday 5th of July from Llanfairfechan. This stunning route takes you along the coast and past the dramatic bridges of Ynys Mon towards the Llyn Penisuala

There will be a free Race Shuttle from the Race Hub in Aberech Sands.

Other Race Info

The Dragon Cheesy Pasta Party is now on the Saturday at 6pm with a bar and live music throughout the day, which means that you get to enjoy and celebrate your achievements, especially with the Ultra camping village at the finish area.

Watch and welcome the other competitors and your friends and family have a great location to follow the race as well as the food vans for nourishment.

Working with She Races all aid stations will be stocked with Sanitary products, extra toilets where needed, trackers at all races and extra night sweepers, breastfeeding areas at aid stations, Race Ts have 2 fits (Women & Men), deferral when pregnant and generous Cut offs for both the 50M & 100M



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