Penllyn Ultras 2024 Rules

Mandatory kit

Competitors must carry this at all times. There is a kit check at registration. Spot checks on the beach before the start and random bag checks at Aid Stations. Removal from race if your mandatory kit isn’t complete. This is for your safety and the safety of the event team.


BIB numbers must be worn on the front of your T-shirt or Shorts and if you put a jacket on top of a t-shirt, the BIB is placed on the front of the jacket. No BIB numbers are allowed on your back. You will be removed from the race if this is not done. This is for your safety and for quick reference in case of emergencies.


This must be worn on your bag strap facing the sky. Do not put it in your bag. We have an event team tracking the competitors and if we require swift access to attend to a competitor the correct positioning of the tracker on the competitor is paramount. You will be removed from the race if the tracker is not on your bag.

Winter Ultra

For the Winter Ultra there are strictly no pacers or support runners allowed on the course. This is to ensure a fair race for all competitors.

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