The team at Pen Llyn Ultras are lucky enough to know coaches who are at the top of their game which means that we can offer you all a selection of coaches to help you reach your race goals. The great thing is they have experience coaching all levels of fitness and your personal targets. So if you’re starting out on your first Ultra or you are looking at ways to improve your racing then we can help.

Here is the list of coaches for you to choose from and each one will put together a plan to suit you. Many have raced in one of the Pen Llyn Ultras and all have worked really hard to get to where they are today racing all over the planet which makes it easier for you as well as picking up some valuable hints and tips.

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Huw – the DNF Guy

Introducing The DNF Guy: Your Ticket to Ultra Marathon Redemption!

Have you ever had a DNF in an Ultra Marathon and felt lost on how to make a comeback? Well, fear not! Race Director Huw is here to coach you through it all. As a seasoned mindset coach for the over 40s, he specialises in helping runners overcome the mental barriers that caused their DNF.

The best part? There’s no physical training involved! Huw’s one-to-one sessions dive deep into what went wrong and provide tailored solutions to help you overcome those obstacles. He equips you with a personalised toolkit, so you can come back stronger and smash your next race.

With three packages to choose from, there’s something for every budget. Don’t let your DNF hold you back any longer. Let The DNF Guy guide you to the finish line and beyond!

To pencil in your free consultation please contact Huw at Today!

Seb Batchelor

Team GB Mountain & Trail Runner

Obsessed with learning and testing the limits of human performance and continuing to develop an in-depth understanding of sports physiology. Over the last 15 years, this obsession has led him to trial and refine training techniques that have seen me reach the highest level in two separate sports.

Dan Brooke Sutton

St Helens RL Physio & Trail Runner

Dan played a key part at the beginning of Pen Llyn Ultras and knows the Llyn like the back of his hand! Having spent months and months alongside Huw developing the first Ultra Route the ‘PLU75’ Dan has been crafting his skill as a physio and strength coach for several years now and is a valued member of the Rugby League winning side St Helens.

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Ted Jackson

Ted has taken part in some of the most remote races in the world, from the Antarctic to the Sahara desert in the Marathon des Sables. All of these have given Ted the ability to help those coming back to running after a break, overcoming DNFs and helping with self-confidence. He has also raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity and is a fountain of knowledge for those looking for fundraising ideas as well as coaching.

Lowri Morgan

Ultra runner. Adventurer. Mother. Running coach. Presenter. Motivational speaker. Lowri has extensive experience to support your running journey she has also competed at the Pen Llyn Ultras Summer and Winter events.

Jacob Snochowski

Team LA Sportiva Runner & Coach.

Gary House

Trail & Ultra Runner. Coach. Speaker and in his own words:

“Helping runners get their sh*t together with our unique and individual online coaching!”


Warren, AKA the Running Coach

Warren is a running coach based in North Wales. Has competed all over the UK in all distances from 5k up to 100km Mountain Races and challenges.
He has completed the mountain challenges such as the Bob Graham and Paddy Buckley.

Apart from being an experienced coach, Warren is also a qualified sports nutritionist and Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist and is very knowledgeable on rehab and programs for strength and conditioning.

So putting those alongside the coaching Warren has a lot of knowledge to guide you along your running journey.

Warren coaches on a 1-2-1 basis, but also does remote coaching and puts on regular workshops.

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